Chin Tuck
The chin tuck is a manoeuver used for people who need help protecting their airway (Grohler & Crary, 2010). The chin tuck has been found to significantly decrease the occurrence of aspiration (Bulow, Olsson, & Edberg, 2001). The theory behind the chin tuck is that by decreasing the distances between the mandible, hyoid and thyroid prior and during swallow then it improves the closure of the larynx and thereby decreasing the risk of aspiration (Grohler & Crary, 2010).

Caution needs to be followed when using the chin tuck on patients with COPD. Some use of this therapy technique includes introducing the chin tuck while in a reclining position. However, combining these two techniques has been proven to increase swallowing apnea (Ayuse et al., 2006). Breathing and swallowing are already poorly interrelated in patients with COPD (Good-Fratturelli, 2000). To disrupt their breathing pattern will have negative consequences. Respiratory changes should be closely monitored (Grohler & Crary, 2010).

Generally there is large support in the literature for the chin tuck in regards to its effects on reducing aspiration. However, all the literature has looked at chin tucks before performing a videofluoroscopy (Grohler & Crary, 2010). This means that the chin tuck manoeuver can be used as a compensatory strategy but care is needed in using it as a therapy technique.

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